Xoongle Services

Xoongle is a technology platform rich in functionality and features. We have designed leading edge technology into the platform. We have decided to unlocked most restrictions that are common elsewhere, so that you can explore more possibilities on our xoongle platform. You will not need to upgrade to the premier or business levels to do anything meaningful. What we provide you is already premium and business class.

Currently, following services are available on txoongle platform.

  1. Xoongle hosts your websites for you. You may be a business, a church, a school, or just an individual. We provide websites for all needs. We host the websites ourselves. We do not use another hosting provider. We build and maintain our own servers. We do not use servers from another service provider. Because we are self sufficient, not depending on other providers, we do not suffer from vulnerabilities of other providers for hosting and server capabilities.  We can therefore be generous with the amount of storage space, and speedy Internet connectivity to this storage.
  2. Xoongle have a databases of mosques and organizations. This enables us to send out email campaigns on the national level. This is important for those businesses and organizations who need to reach out to the Muslim community in USA.
  3. Xoongle have Word Press content management technology from the open source software. This capability is inhouse for xoongle networks, and it is at par with wordpress.com.  Xoongle can therefore provide you with your own Blogging platform. Unlike wordpress.com or Blogger we provide relatively unrestricted editors. You are therefore not confined like you are with them, within the restrictions of their approved Theme.
  4. Xoongle have our own email servers. In addition, we have access to reputed SMTP server in order to send out bulk emails. That means two things. First, xoongle can provide you opportunity to run your own email server domains. Second, xoongle can send bulk emails on your behalf. In  other words xoongle can provide the same set of services as, for example, Constant Contact does for email marketing. 

In addition, xoongle have document management capability. This allows us the capability for electronic publishing. This material can be a book that you have written or want to write. It could also be your recent article, your collected essays, collection of your poems, your novel, your biography, your analysis of social and political events, or whatever is dear to your heart.

Xoongle intend to establish hardcopy publishing as well.